At The Oasis, we do everything differently, including the ads on our station. We are in the results business for our clients.

If you listen to other area music stations you will hear two incredibly long commercial breaks per hour. We have heard these contain as many as 14 commercial “units” per break. They average ten minutes in length and they are, unfortunately for our industry, a waste of client's money except for the first and last units in the break.

106.7 The Oasis airs three breaks per hour with a maximum of three minutes per break. This vastly reduced clutter level lets our audience know that the valuable information contained in those commercials is served in easily digested portions rather than endless length breaks that are designed to let a listener know when to tune away. Our approach insures over 50 minutes of programming content every hour.

This means that advertising on 106.7 The Oasis actually works. It is also how every station did things until the corporations and consultants took over the business.

Break length is just part of the story- our team of marketing professionals will be happy to design and entire campaign for your business or assist with placement on our station. Simply fill out the contact form here on the site, and we will be in touch promptly.

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